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Welcome to Miah's Virtual Artillery Target Range. We have just purchased a new Howitzer cannon and want to give you a fun way to practice your aim and accuracy with a simple game. In this game you are on the front lines of defense in the Zombie Apocalypse! That's right, the Zombie Apocalypse has begun! 

In each game you will be provided with preset conditions affecting the cannon, including the weight of the Howitzer shell, distance to the zombie horde and the size of the horde. Once you fill in the angle of the barrel (relative to the ground) and select a muzzle speed all you need to do is click the 'FIRE' button to watch the zombie horde be annihilated!

You will be scored on the number of shots it took you to hit the target. If you want your name on the leaderboard, and not to be anonymous, all you need to do is create an account by clicking here. If you already have an account and want to continue practicing simply log in here.

Happy Hunting!

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Current Stats

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Predetermined Conditions

Howitzer Shell Weight:
0000 kg
Distance to Zombie Horde Center:
0000 Meters
Size of Zombie Horde:
0000 Meters
Total Zombie Horde Range:
0000 Meters

Cannon Variables

Angle of Cannon (relative to the ground):
Muzzle Speed (Velocity):

Statistics At A Glance

Total Users: 21
Total Shots for ALL Users: 318
Average shots to hit Zombie Horde: 4.61

Top 5 Users

1 anony2 (John Doe)
Total Games 4
Total Shots 5
Average Shots 1.25
Score: 88
2 anony3 (John Doe)
Total Games 2
Total Shots 3
Average Shots 1.50
Score: 75
3 minus4th (Lotas Serson)
Total Games 7
Total Shots 17
Average Shots 2.43
Score: 63
4 anony4 (John Doe)
Total Games 6
Total Shots 43
Average Shots 7.17
Score: 62
5 ffxfiend (Jeremiah Poisson)
Total Games 21
Total Shots 62
Average Shots 2.95
Score: 45