Bringing You Artillery Practice Since 1899

How To Play

Playing Miah's Virtual Artillery Range is simple! Just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Click the Start Game button at the bottom of the right hand stats column. If you are not logged in you can either create an account, login with an existing account or play the game annymously.
  2. Set an angle and select a Speed.
  3. Click Fire!

That's it! Just keep adusting your angle and speed until you reach the target. The game will you give useful information to allow you to calculate the angle and speed needed. Below you will find a rundown of the UI to help you locate all the goodies.

  1. This is the Start Game button. If you are not logged in you will be presented with three alternatives. Login, register for a new account, or play anonymously.
  2. Set your angle.
  3. Select your speed/velocity.
  4. Click this button to fire upon the zombie horde!
  5. This set of data gives you the predetermined conditions. They are as follows:
    • Howitzer Shell Weight: This is the weight of the shell you are firing. This is informational only. It does not effect the shells trajectory.
    • Distance to Zombie Horde Center: This will tell you how far away from the cannon you are to the center of the zombie horde.
    • Size of Zombie Horde: This will tell you how large the Zombie Horde really is! You may be facing miles of zombies!
    • Total Zombie Horde Range: This is the exact range the Zombie Horde takes up. You will need to fire your canon within these numbers to make a hit and destroy the horde!
  6. This is the current game stats.
  7. These three numbers gives you feedback on the shot you just made. They are as follows:
    • Distance Traveled: This is the distance your Howitzer shell has traveled. If this number is within the Total Zombie Horde Range you have hit the horde and destroyed it!
    • Distance From Target: If you miss the horde this number will tell you how far away you are from the horde. You can use this number to adjust your angle and/or speed so you can get a hit.
    • Max Height: This is how high your Howitzer shell went before sucumbing to gravity and falling back to earth. This is informationional only.
  8. These two numbers represent data specific to the entire current game. They are as follows:
    • Total Shots: This is the number of shots you have taken in the current game.
    • Score: This is the current game score. Score is calculated with the following formula: 100 / total shots
  9. These final stats provide you with overall numbers for the current user:
    • Your Rank: This will let you know you current rank among all users.
    • Overall Score: This is your score across all games. This is calculated by taking the sum of your scores for all your games and dividing it by the total number of games: average score of all games / number of games
  10. This gives visual feedback on what is going on in a game. You will see where the Zombie horde is located in relation to the cannon, and a nice city background (the city you are protecting from the Zombie Horde). Please note that if you are using Chrome you will have to hit the Start Game button for any of the graphics to show. Other browsers will load them when the page loads.

We hope you enjoy the game! When you are ready don't hesitate to contact us to make an appointment for the real thing!